Planned Litters

We have litterplans for 2020 out of Summer Sensation's Blue May x Mr. X

We expect high spirited puppies with good hunting abilities. I am searching for a well built stud dog out of working lines.

If you are interested in our dogs, planned litters and puppies, or if you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us!

We would like to get in touch duly, if you are interested in planned litters and puppies!

Summer Sensation's litter 2020



Mr. X

HD: / ED:
RD/PRA/HC + Gonio:

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Summer Sensation's Blue "May"
HD: A2 / ED: free / PL: free
RD/PRA/HC+Gonio: free
Work: mental test, BH-VT, Dummy A, Workingtest (A)

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