04.10.2019: Blu passes the official hunting test in Germany and is now a proven hunting dog. Congratulations to his handler Heike! He also passes the mental-test with a nice judges report: "An active and friendly dog with very good working abilities". Thank you Heike for doing all this with Blu!

28.09.2019: The "B-litter sisters" Frida & May passed the "Wunstorfer Team Workingtest". Sabine and me had a lot of fun with our girls. They worked great and it was a good feeling to be able to do this Workingtest together. At the end of the day we got the first place in our class and finally May was honored with the Judges Choice. What an unforgettable moment!


22.09.2019: Flatcoated Retriever Trophy in Germany. More than 130 Flatcoats at this work & show event and May & Blu out of my B-litter have done a great job. On Saturday we started with the Workingtest, at the end of the day May & Blu passed the test and Blu got the 2. place in our huge class of 50 dogs! May finshed with the 12th place, we were over the moon, because the results showed that lots of dogs had some difficulties. Sunday was Show-day, Blu got a very good in his class and May?! In a huge calss of 25 bitches she was got the 3rd place under Judge Mary Ward. The results of both days showed that B-boy Blu got a 5th - and May 12th place out of 135 dogs. What a weekend!


11.05.2019: Blu passes the German breeding permission certificate with "excellent" and a nice judges report. Thanks to Heike & Nele for showing him, what a wonderful result!

04.05.2019: Frida & May spend a wonderful week at dummy training holidays in France. We have had a great training time together (thanks to our trainer Ulrike) and lovely evenings with good food & wine :-)!

05.04.2019: B-boy Blu passes the Dummy test for Beginners with a good result and gets his official Workingtest qualification. Congratulations and lots of fun out there to his handler Heike & Blu.

16.03.2019: May passes the German breeding permission certificate with "excellent" and a nice judges report: "nicely built and typy bitch, excellent head with nice dark eyes, good feet, powerful movement and lovely temperament." I am very happy with my beautiful an clever girl.

02.01.2019: Happy new year and best wishes to all of you!

10.11.2018: Two boys out of the B-litter pass the companion dog test during the last weeks. Congratulations to Heike & Blu and Corinna with Maylo. Well done!

28.10.2018: May passes the mental-test with a really nice judges report. Good job my little girl!

06.10.2018: Sabine with Frida (B-litter) pass Flatworx (i.o. Workingtest) with 2nd place! Congratulations to my dream-team!

23.09.2018: Some nice results of the B-girls: Frida passes the mental-test with a very nice result. Congratulations! May passes her first official Workingtest with a good result: 7/9, 10/8, 9/9, 8/6, 2/7. Some of the points got lost due to my handling, as the english judge determined: "You used your whistle although it was not necessary". And: he was right :-) May's marking could be better in high growth, but basics, given directions and steadiness are great with my little girl.

29.04.2018: Last update has been a long time ago. So where can I start. 2017 has been a hard year with the loss of two of our older dogs due to cancer. But May makes life much easier with her enchanting way of being around. And we have done some work together: The B-sisters May & Frida passed the companion dog test and the dummy test for beginners. I'm already looking forward to start at our first Workingtests this year!

13.10.2017: Life has to go on... Another great health result and the last missing result out of the B-litter: HD: A1, ED:0/0 & PL:0/0! All of the puppies out of this litter have been x-rayed and the results are perfect! Thanks to all owners!

21.09.2017: The second time our world is standing still this year... April 12.04.2008 - 21.09.2017! Farewell my love, we will miss you!

10.07.2017: Wonderful health results of our B-litter! Hips: 6xA, ED: 6x0/0, PL: 6x0/0! We are really happy about the results! Update at the B-litter page!

22.05.2017: Eye examination for some of the dogs out of the B-litter: Blu, Maylo, Frida & May: eyes clear and Gonio unaffected! Nice results!

29.04.2017: Our world is standing still... Julie 22.09.2007-29.04.2017! Farewell our love, we will miss you!

12.04.2017: Happy Birthday April! 9 years old now and still as fast as ever... Hoping for many more years with her!

11.12.2016: The pups out of the B-litter are developing really well and we have a lot of fun together. I'm happy to have 4 more pups not too far away, so we train together and enjoy our training lessons! May and brother Blu had their show debut and both of them got a "very promising" at the puppy class! Well done!

22.09.2016: Happy Birthday "Granny Julie"! She is a wonderful Grandma for little May and we hope for many more years to come with our Julie!

07.08.2016: The puppies are at their new home now and the owners are really happy with their little dogs. My little pink girl "May", she stays with me and I'm already happy to have her with me!

19.05.2016: 7 wonderful puppies are born! Everything went out well and we're really happy about this litter! News and pictures are to find here: >>litter-diary<<

14.04.2016: We are expecting puppies out of Summer Sensation's April loves you & Comics Blue Viking at the end of may 2016!

04.03.2016: Mila is in season! We can't wait to travel to Sweden :-)

17.10.2015: Göttinger Workingtest: April & me also pass the last test of the season (15/15/19/18/10). This workingtest has been a highlight of the year, a wonderful day with friends!

27.09.2015: April & me pass the Workingtest "Heide Cup" (17/16/15/11/17). We have had a relaxed day in nature with wonderful weather, great judges and a lot of fun!

22.09.2015: Happy Birthday Julie! 8 years - our lovely lady is still full of energy and there is not a single grey hair to see :-)

13.09.2015: While I was judging at the i.o. Wokingtest at Bückeburg, Hanna & Mila pass the Workingtest "Braunschweiger Lion" with a good result. Well done - next starts will be in intermediate class! And we started to fix our litterplans... Next litter will be with Mila, more Information under "planned litters". We are already excited...!

02.08.2015: April & me pass the "Wunstorfer Workingtest" (A) (18/20/2/15/12/8). Not a perfect result but I've been pleased with my girl!

11.07.2015: i.O. Workingtest Intermediate class. We have had a really nice day and April has done a great job, although we couldn't pass today (13/0/16/19/15)!

31.05.2015: Training day with Csaba Karai. It has been a great day with perfect weather, nice atmosphere and good training (lining & distractions).

12.04.2015: Happy Birthday April! 7 years - my little black shadow, my big love! Looking forward to hopefully many nice years with you!

04.04.2015: Andrea & Jamie (Summer Sensation's Agua de Vida) pass the dummy test and have the permission to start in class "A" in Germany now! Congratulations, well done!

27.03.2015: Holidays! We have had wonderful days with the dogs and it was a pleasure to see them having fun at the seaside.
Timmendorf 2015Timmendorf 2015Timmendorf 2015

14.02.2015: Training day! We have had lots of fun and the dogs have done a great job
Training 2015Training 2015Training 2015

24.12.2014: Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2015! 2014 has been a year with a lot of action for me. I finished University and started working in a clinic. I am very happy that I've seen the "puppys" of our A-litter from time to time and to see that they have grown up to such nice, good working and happy Flatcoats. We have had wonderful training days with the dogs and I enjoyed sharing time with friends and their dogs. Already looking forward to 2015 and everything that will follow!

17.11.2014: New pictures of Mila! We updated her page & the gallery with photos of 2014! A litter with Mila is planned for spring 2016.

11.11.2014: Some news of the last weeks: Andrea & Jamie passed another Workingtest at the end of the season with very good - well done! The Swedish girl Comics Whole Lotta Love spent some days with us and I enjoyed being at training and outside with the pack - she's just lovely!

04.10.2014: Andrea & Jamie (Summer Sensation's Agua de Vida) pass the Workingtest "Flatworx" with excellent and reach the 1st place in their class! I am so proud of you, lots of congratulations! It has been such a nice & sunny day!

22.09.2014: Happy 7th Birthday Julie!

21.09.2014: Workingtest weekend for the A-litter girls: Andrea & Jamie pass the Workingtest "am Rothaarsteig" and Johanna & Mila pass the Workingtest "Braunschweiger lion", congratulations! Well done!

01.08.2014: Training weekend at the water! What a lovely day, we had perfect weather and a great training day! The dogs have done a great job and learnde a lot! Click here for more pictures!

13.07.2014: Good news from the A-litter: Andrea & Jamie pass the companion dog test of the club - congratulations! And our little swedish girl Comics Whole Lotta love gets an unplaced excellent at her first show with a lovely judges report! Congratulations as well!

01.05.2014: Dance into May! During some hours I change pumps against boots and spend a nice day at a Dummy-Workshop! Hanna, Sabine & Mila (Summer Sensation's April loves you) have been there as well and of course we had a great time together!

11.04.2014: Happy Birthday April! My lovely girl, little clown & huge love!

28.02.2014: We have had a nice training day a week ago, the dogs have done a great job and we've had lots of fun!

Lilly, Julie+AprilLilly+AprilApril-delivery

02.02.2014: The little swedish girl "Comics Whole Lotta Love" spend the wohle week with me and I took her with me to University where she has definitely been the "Campus princess"! I have had her with me at some weekends, but this week has been special for me and I'm happy to have her with me from time to time!


23.12.2013: Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2014!

30.11.2013: Because I have a lot of work at University at the moment and can't spend that much time with working two dogs, my mother decided to search for a new challenge for Julie! They started to train Agility now in a Club and have a lot of fun! Julie again demonstrates how multi-purpose she is and pleases everybody with her charm. Pictures at Julies page!

27.10.2013: April & me pass the BLP (hunting test)! Although there were things which I have seen working her much better during the training, I'm very happy to have passed this special test with my little girl! It has been a great experience and April has reached the breeding certificate for special gundog breeding now! I am really proud of her and after passing the Workingtest and the hunting test, we are slowly reaching the winter break now and will enjoy many - hopefully - sunny autumn - & winterdays!


12.10.2013: Göttinger Workingtest - what an unforgettable day! April & me pass the test and hear some nice words about her work (if she just wouldn't welcome the helpers on the way back :-)) but the best comes for last: Mila again passes her second workingtest in this class placed 9 out of more than 50 teams and gets the price for the dog which the 5 judges "would love to take home" at the award ceremony! With 27 month of age she gets the "Judges Choice" under great applause! I couldn't suppress my tears of pride & happiness - Hanna & Mila I'm so happy to have you! It has been a lovely day with wonderful people and great dogs!

22.09.2013: Happy birthday Julie! 6 years - time is running so fast! Best wishes to our Julie & her siblings!

15.09.2013: After my short trip to Sweden (welcome to Germany "Comics Whole Lotta Love"), we had a lovely training day with all A-litter dogs and their families! It has been such a nice day and I have been so happy to see Julies puppies working together!

07.09.2013: "A-Action": Mila passes the mental test with a lovely judges report and Jamie passes her first Workingtest with "good"! Hanna, Sabine & Andrea thanks for those nice results, well done!

01.09.2013: Hanna & Mila (Summer Sensation's April loves you) pass an A-Workingtest! It was their first competition in this class and I'm really proud of both of them! Out of 55 Teams Mila was ranked at 8th place! Great result for our young lady! >>Click here so see the official results<<

20.08.2013: April and me had our first training for the BLP (hunting test) and my April girl has done a great job and we have had lots of fun! She worked concentrated and with passion, that was so nice to see! The only thing we really have to work for will be to make her stay at her place while me and the judge are moving out of sight with two gunshots... To stay at her place alone is not what April has in mind when she hears gunshots...:-) Well, I'm sure she will understand it in a while!

17.08.2013: Life goes on, with good news and pride: A-litter girl Jamie passes the mental test under 2 judges with a lovely report! "A happy, open-minded and interested bitch!" Congratulations to Andrea & Jamie, well done! More to find on Jamies page!

08.08.2013: Time stands still...****

27.07.2013: Mila passes the Dummy test for beginners and completed all needed tests and results for the breeding licence in Germany now! Well done Hahha & Mila! We have so much fun with this lovely girl and are really looking forward to the future with her!

28.06.2013: April is pregnant! I'm really happy that we're expecting puppies at the beginning of August!

03.06.2013: April has been mated to Rasmus! It have been wonderful days in Sweden!

31.05.2013: We will start our journey to Sweden! April is in season since a while and I hope she will be mated to Rasmus at the beginning of next week!

12.05.2013: Dutch Clubmatch! Just wanted to have a look at the show and finally handled Comics Cocktail Trick "Caelen" in a packed open class with 37! entries! We got a wondeful 2. place in the open class and had a great time together! Thanks to Caelens proud owner Yvonne for trusting me handling this lovely boy! pictures at Yvonnes hp, here's the link!

27.04.2013: Mila passes the companion dog test with excellent, 76/80 points and the 2nd place! Well done Hanna & Mila!

07.04.2013: Mila gets the Breed Standard Qualification Certificate and passes it with excellent!

06.04.2013: Mila passes the Workingtest ranked 13th out of 30! Congratulations to her handler Johanna!

23.+24.03.2013: I've been at the German Cup 2013, working as a judges steward for both days! It've been very nice, extremely cold but wonderful days with great dog work! Here is the link to the official Video: Video German Cup 2013!

18.03.2013: Eye examination with April, she is still free of hereditable eye diseases!

04.03.2013: Spend a lovely week in Sweden! And found HIM! The stud dog for the B-litter with April will be Comics Blue Viking "Rasmus"! More about Rasmus & the litter under "planned litters"!

24.12.2012: Merry Christmas! God Jul! And a happy new year! Best wishes for 2013!

24.10.2012: Health results of my A-litter are completed: Peppers eye examination with great result: clear and Gonio unaffected! I'm more than happy about the complete results and this healthy litter!

20.10.2012: Workingtest in Göttingen! Johanna and little Mila pass their first Workingtest in their class with "good" - I'm so proud of Johanna handling Julie's lovely daughter and Mila really did a great job aged 15 month! She really enjoys working! April and me nearly pass the test as well - my pretty girl worked great and we passed 4 out of 5 tasks - just the last one was too exciting for her and she worked it perfectly, fast & stylish - but without waiting for my signal ;-) But anyway - it has been a wonderful, sunny day, the dogs have done a great job and we have had lots of fun!


22.09.2012: Happy birthday Julie! We are so happy to have her with us every day!

11.09.2012: Mila has been to the eye examination and I'm more than happy! Eyes: clear and Gonio: unaffected!

09.09.2012: April & me pass the Dummy test with very good! I'm really happy and proud of her!


08.09.2012: Another great health result! Mila: HD: A1 and ED:free! "X-ray mission A-litter" completed! ;-)

10.08.2012: First health results of our A-litter! Jamie HD: A1 ED: free eyes: clear + Gonio: unaffected! Pepper HD:A2 ED:free PL: free! Really happy to get such great news!

13.05.2012: European-dog-Show in Dortmund: April wins the open class again with Exc 1 + CAC! Again I had a very nice day with my little Show-girl! Pictures of April in Dortmund and "picture-posing" at home ;-) And an actual pic of Mila from my A-litter!


11.05.2012: April wins the open class at the national Dog Show and British Dog Festival in Dortmund with Exc 1 + CAC + Res. CC which completes her second Champion Titel! I'm very proud of my little girl!

04.-06.05.2012: Julies daughter Mila and Aprils brother Luis spend a weekend at our house! I'm happy to have "little miss yellow" here, she is a very nice young lady! New pictures under A-litter - Mila!


27.03.2012: Annual eye examination: Julie & April are still free from eye diseases!

29.01.2012: New pictures of Julie & April in the gallery at "work"! And new pictures of Jamie, Mila & Pepper, our A-litter!

06.01.2012: Back from winter & skiing holidays in Bavaria! It has been a fortunate coincedence that Julies daughter Jamie has been at holidays close to us so we could meet and take a walk together! I have been really pleased to see Jamie & family and it has been a great time with lots of fun in the snow!


24.12.2011: We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2012!

12.11.2011: Granting of Pedigrees! It has been a great day, we have really been happy to see you again and we are pleased to see you that happy with "our" puppies! Thanx for the present & for beeing here with us! You can see the pictures here !

26.09.2011: Ch. Beauty Nights Powerful - sire of our A-litter - wins his class in Masstrich / NL, gets best Veteran and finaly wins the BEST VETERAN IN SHOW!!! Congratulations to Leonie & Papa Power!

24.09.2011: Limitless Trophy! I wanted to start with April but she is in season - I was allowed to change the dog and started with Julie, one week after her puppies have left she worked staedily and passed the Test with very good! I'm really proud of my girl!

22.09.2011: Happy Birthday Julie! We love you so much and are happy to have you with us!

17.09.2011: Our "limited Edition" has moved out and the puppies enrich the life of their new families now!

26.07.2011: News & pictures of the puppies >>A-litter<<

22.07.2011: Our A-litter is born! We would like to introduce our little boy and the two lovely girls!


18.07.2011: We got Aprils certificate by post today! It is now official: Dt. Champion Club Stoneyard's dark velvet Gaelic Summer!

09.07.2011: What a day! Aprils wins the Open class at the Club Show in Timmerlage: exc.1 + CAC! This was the last CAC which was necessary for completing her title Dt. Champion DRC / Club! I'm very proud of my little girl!

14.06.2011: Julie is pregnant! We are so happy and already looking forward to our A-litter!

04.06.2011: Cacib Neumünster: Open class: Stoneyard's dark velvet Gaelic Summer "April" V2 res. CAC! Judge: Mr. F. Kane, GB!

24.05.2011: We're back from the Netherlands where Julie got mated with Power! Everything worked out perfectly, they really liked each other! More about our trip to the Netherlands later under "Diary A-litter"!

11.5.2011: Julie is in season!!!

20.04.2011: We had a really nice & sunny training today - April & me send lots of greetings to our cheery training group!

12.04.2011: Happy Birthday April! Best wishes for my little girl and all her brothers & sisters!

01.04.2011: I've uploaded the picture-Pedigree for the A-litter...

19.03.2011: Dummy-Workshop with Johan Grootaers & Marcel Lindelauf! Nice day with great tasks!

13-03-2011: Ch VBOS the Kentuckian wins BIS at Crufts 2011 in Birmingham! Congratulations!

27.02.2011: While we are waiting for Julie to get in season... the dogs have fun with the Dummy training!

21.02.2011: Semester break till 04/04 - I can happily live with that! ;-)

13.02.2011: What a beginning for the Show-Events 2011: April wins the open classs in Rheinberg V1 + Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH! We hope to complete her Champion title in summer!

06.02.2010: Our journey to the Netherlands let us take the decision: The stud-dog for aur first litter with Julie will be Ch. Beauty Nights Powerful "Power!

01.01.2011: We wish you all a happy 2011!

24.12.2010: Merry Christmas!


20.12.2010: Sitting in Stockhom at the airport! We visited the Int. Dog Show in Stockholm and spend some days there! We have seen really nice dogs and met a lot of friendly people!

15.12.2010: Back from Switzerland with Sabine! Aprils brother Luis mated "Kisha vom Merzenbrunnen"! It have been nice days with you!

06.12.2010: Julie & April have had their yearly eye examination: Everything is allright!

04.12.2010: April gets placed at the ClubShow in the busy open class (11 bitches): V3 - judge's report "April-Show2010"!

01.12.2010: Aprils brother Luis is now German Champion VDH! Congratulations!

11.11.2010: Seminar on "hereditary deseases, inbreeding, DNA-test & knowledge of genetics for a healthy breeding"!

31.10.2010:Dummy-Workshop with Karel van Loo & Herman Jeske! A really nice, although rainy day in Böhmsholz! Great training!

16.10.2010:Directly back from holidays we went to the VDH show in Dortmund: April got placed in the packed open class bitches and reached the 3 place with excellent and a nice judges report: "...Much to like about her!!". Her brother Luis won the open class dogs! Congratulations!

25.09.2010: HeideCup2010!Julie & me started at our first Workingtest! Unfortunately we have had some trouble with the last but one task. First I have been a bit disappointed but now the joy prevails because Julie did a really great job and was working steadily and fast the whole day long! I'm very proud of my girl - she showed her unbelievable willingness for team-work at the - in my eyes - most difficult task, where she was great to handle! Dear Julie, thank you so much for this wonderful experience with you even though it will ever stay secretive to me why you couldn't find this ... mark in the last task ;-)! My cutie! ;-) results: 18/19/19/17/11/0!

22.09.2010: It's Julies 3 birthday! We're so happy to have her with us!

08.09.2010: Uploaded and updated the gallery & pictures!

31.07.2010: In order to ensure that not only the dogs are working ;-) and for my further education I started an additional study "animal psychology" with focus on dogs - it's really interesting and I hope that i will be able to manage it "en passant" - but it seems to work!;-)

17.07.2010: Semester break! I'm happy to have summertime with sun, beach & my dogs for some weeks!

04.07.2010: April gains once more the open class with excellent 1 + CAC and gets res. best bitch! Julie gets placed as well and reaches, shown by my sister, a really nice excellent 3! A great day! Judges reports "our dogs" - "Julie" - "April"!

12.06.2010: In der Aktuellen Ausgabe 07/2010 der Zeitschrift "Der Hund" sind Julie & April als "Foto-Models" im Rasseportrait Flat Coated Retriever zu bewundern! Ich bin ganz verzückt und finde Julie macht sich als kleines "Covergirl" mit Fußball im Maul fantastisch! ;-)

05.06.2010: Kennel-meeting at Stoneyard's dark velvet in Winsen! What a nice day! We met a lot of nice peope and their dogy and Julie & April have made some new friends!


03.06.2010: We got the result of the "colour-test": Julie is carrying liver!

22.05.2010: Girls day!My mum, my sister, Julie & April and me have been at the DRC Club Show in Tatenhausen: April wins the open class under judge J.Irvine (VBOS) with Exc 1 + CAC, Julie gets placed as well with a nice Exc 3!Judges reports under "Julie" & "April"!

07.05.2010: April's day! National dog Show in Dortmund: April wins the Open class, gets best bitch and finally wins the Best of Breed!!!

17.04.2010: Aprils debut at the open class. She gets a nice ex2 + Res. CAC and a really nice judges report: "...Bitch with Quality"! more under "April - Show"!

12.04.2010: Happy Birthday April! 2 years! Best wishes for all brothers & sisters!

19.03.2010: We got the breeding permissions for Julie & April!

27.02.2010: April bekommt in Rheinberg ein schönes V3 und ihr Bruder Luis wird erst BOB und gewinnt dann die FCI Gruppe 8!!!Wir freuen uns sehr und sind ganz stolz auf April's hübschen Bruder! ;-)

05.01.2010: New pictures in the gallery!

02.01.2010: Happy new year 2010 for you and your dogs!

24.12.2009: Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2010!

12.12.2009: April gets placed at the DRC Clubshow with excellent 4! Her clas was packed with 11 bitches so I was absolutely pleased with this nice result!

18.11.2009: Julie & April bestehen beide den Formwert mit "Vorzüglich"! Mehr unter "Unsere Hunde"!

08.11.2009: April passes the hunting test with more than full ponts 262/260! It has been a nice day with great dog work!


06.11.2009: Die -ausnahmslos sehr schönen- Gesundheitsergebnisse sind nun komplett!

17.10.2009: April erreicht bei ihrem Debut in der Zwischenklasse mit 18 Monaten auf der Bundessieger-Ausstellung in Dortmund ein V3!Ihr Bruder Luis bei den Rüden ein V2 Res.CAC!

04.10.2009: April besteht den Wesenstest mit einem sehr schönen Richterbericht! Komplette Wesensbeurteilung unter "April"!

22.09.2009: Alles Liebe zum 2. Geburtstag wünschen wir unserer Julie und all ihren Geschwistern!

20.09.2009: Julie & April bestehen an diesem Wochenende beide die Begleithundeprüfung A + B!

17.09.2009: geht online

12.09.2009: Julie besteht die Dummy A mit 74/80 Punkten! Ich bin sehr stolz auf meine Süße und glücklich, dass wir unsere erste Dummy-Prüfung gemeinsam so gut bestanden haben!

06.09.2009: Julie besteht den Wesenstest mit einem tollen Richterbericht! Komplette Wesensbeurteilung unter "Julie"!